Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tweed up for Bristol Cycle Festival and Carnivelo

Attention, Tweed Army - Bristol Cycle Festival is almost upon us!

Running from 17 to 25 September 2011, it'll feature a huge variety of events, aimed at everyone from velocipede ingenues to seasoned wheelmen.

Carnivelo is back again after a successful first outing (as the Freewheelin' Carnival) in 2010. A rolling party on two wheels, there's talk of a "tweed troupe" being formed for 2011 - keep one's ear to the ground.

Organised by the same team as the Vintage Velo, WeLoveBikes promises to be a spectacular knees-up at the accommodating venue of the Mother's Ruin. The theme is "Vintage Velo vs Lycra Lovers" (although we understand that "lycra louts" will not necessarily be turned away either). Park up your steed, quaff some fine Arbor Ale, and shingaling to the grooviest in vintage sounds.

The Two Wheeled Drive In cinema also makes a welcome return for 2011. Vintage Velo-ites of a more dandyish stripe have the chance to show those pesky new romantics what's what at a screening of 80s cheese-fest Lost Boys. Or wearers of the classic tweed can take advantage of their resemblance to Lord Summerisle at a singalong screening (yes, you did read that correctly) of folk horror classic The Wicker Man. Summer is ycumen in, indeed!

Bike Olympics promises to be as thrilling as its Greenwich based namesake, only with a much wider participation and none of that tedious ticket lottery nonsense. Who will triumph at the long jump, the high jump, the mounted shot-put and and egg and spoon? There will also be some contests of speed and bike handling for our knobbly tyred brethren.

For the lonely of heart, Madame Melski's Cycle Speed Dating affords the chance to meet like-minded companions.

The Dundry Drubber is a challenge that will make even the hardiest of velocipedists blanch - an assault on local bete noire Dundry Hill from all four faces. Extra kudos to anyone attempting it on a vintage machine!

The event programme is currently having the finishing touches put to it so please do keep an eye on their website, their Face-tome and their Twitter for further missives.

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