Thursday, 3 April 2014

I say old bean, it's 2014!

We're exhilarated to announce that the Vintage Velo is back for 2014.

The dateline is Sunday 18 May, so you've not got long to get your tickets. Purchase them here, polish your velocipede, don your spats or culottes, and prepare for the most enjoyable bicycle expedition of the year!

Details of the day are falling into place as we speak, but it'll be as enjoyable as previous years, and features what is unquestionably our most exciting end destination yet. Departing from central Bristol at around 11.30 am, we'll take you on a genteel ride along a lovely route, have some fun and games along the way, then finish with a sophisticated knees-up at a mystery destination, with top-notch entertainment, reasonably-priced food and a well-stocked bar.

You don't need a vintage bike to take part, and we'll leave dress code up to you, although effort will be appreciated and rewarded. There will be good times, dapper chaps and chapesses, wonderful prizes to win, and all the proceeds will go towards making the fifth edition of Bristol Cycle Festival happen this July.

Meeting point and route details will be confirmed nearer the time. The cycling part of the day will be an easy ride of 45-60 minutes duration, with the option to get the train home if you've overindulged.