Who, What, When?

2010 saw the launch of Bristol's first ever Cycle Festival. Over 100 events organised by Bristol's cycling community took place, from treasure hunts to bike polo tournaments. One event that people kept asking about was whether we were going to put on a version of the Tweed Run, London's wildly successful event which is now in its third year. So in 2011, we staged a vintage themed ride in mid-April as a trailer and fundraiser for the main event in September.

Starting in central Bristol, the 2011 Vintage Velo ride had a distinctly rural feel, as we ventured out to the countryside to a mystery destination. We played cricket with a lost legend, listened to spiffing entertainment from the Hot Potato Syncopators, saw heroic pipe smoking, beautiful vintage bicycles and glimpsed a forgotten world where riding a bike is a stylish pastime that opens a window onto the countryside, rather than a frantic day-glo dash to an office.

2012's event was a rather damp one, with the end venue being the main redeeming feature. But 2013's edition was graced with bounteous sunshine, picnics and joy, the accidental destruction of a penny farthing wheel being the only low point.

For our fourth year we're pulling out all the stops, having secured a truly jaw-dropping venue. Don't even think of asking where, for our lips are sealed. You'll just have to buy a ticket and come along for the ride.

For the answers to any other questions you may have, head here.