Monday, 18 April 2011

Well, that was marvellous!

"Rad", "da bomb", "un-fun" and "not sunny enough" are all phrases that could not possibly be used to describe Sunday's inaugural edition of the Bristol Vintage Velo.

The sun shone, the riders came, ginger beer was quaffed, delicious cake was scoffed, lovely scenery was enjoyed, pedal-powered Ella Fitzgerald and the marvellous Hot Potato Syncopators entertained everyone, friendly marshalls ensured everyone's safety and Posh from Taylored Cycles kept even the most motheaten of bicycles rolling smoothly. An enormous round of thanks to everyone involved.

There are some more photos from the day here:

Colin Davies' photos on Flickr

Katie Aartse-Tuyn's photos on Facebook

Billy the Lens' photos on Flickr

Lizzie Thal-Jensen's photos on Facebook

Drew Batchelor's photos on Flickr

Deborah Jones' photos on Facebook

Roger Harbord's photos on Facebook

Martin McDonnell's photos on Facebook

Catherine Hicks' photos on Flickr

Kirsty McGaul's photos on Facebook

Ben from Better By Bike has also made this rather snazzy video. Enjoy!


  1. It looks like so much fun, I wish I'd been there. Will this become an annual event?

  2. Hi Jennie. Given how successful it was, I think we'd be barmy not to run it again. You may need to bear with us for a bit though as it was a lot of work to organise!