Thursday, 1 May 2014

Prizes, prizes, prizes

As well as a smashing day of riding bikes, top-notch entertainment, and fine food and drink, we like to spoil our subscribers with a dazzling array of prizes, for participants in our competitions and our raffle. Previous editions have featured fine wines, custom-made musettes, and more, and this year promises to be the best yet.

All stylish ladies need cufflinks
If you come along this year you could win a delightful assortment of lifestyle accoutrements, including a lovely pair of ladies' cufflinks, courtesy of sallydove from Makers Bristol. It takes a certain insouciance to deploy cuffinks as daywear, but we're sure that the vast majority of people capable of doing so will be in attendance at our ride.

We also have an Uppercut Deluxe wash kit from purveyors of perfect partings Angry Daves (including pomade, and that chap's essential, moustache wax), and a book token from Bloom and Curll (pictured right). Any bookshop with a prominent selection of PG Wodehouse gets the nod from us, and we're sure it'll provide one lucky subscriber with a more engaging browsing experience than any new-fangled internet trickery.
Fancy a browse?

We're also extremely excited have a much sought-after entry to L'Eroica Britannia, "The most handsome bike race in the world" up for grabs.

Taking place in the beautiful Peak District between 20-22 June, the event is open to riders of "heroic bicycles" (i.e. those over a certain age) and offers a choice of routes through stunning British countryside, plus a three-day vintage festival. The entry also includes complementary camping for up to three people.

This is by no means the definitive list, so check back soon for more exciting swag.

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