Saturday, 29 June 2013

Roll Up! Roll Up!

Well well well, I do believe we have some most excellent news for you today - your well earned ha'pennies and shillings can now be parted with in exchange for a ticket to our most exquisit of events.

Direct your intertube browsers at this little connecting link to make your purchase to join us on our Vintage Velo Bicycle Ride on the 14th of July. Tickets only cost ten of your modern Pounds, however if you came last year, it will only be eight.

Come on! You don't need convincing, do you?

Well, after last year's downpours, thanks to some dastardly deals we have guaranteed the possibility of sun and blue skies this year. You'll therefore need to arrive at our secret departure location in your very best vintage finery - bring your plus-fours and top hats, flapper dresses and bonnets (but maybe pack your galoshes too).

Our route will take in the sights, sounds and smells of Bristol as we take a pleasant tour around our beautiful city. Be ready to partake of some entertaining activities, and perhaps yet more fun and games at the end, aided by some spiffing cocktails at our sophisticated central location.

But Sir, I don't have a suitable velocipede!

Worry not - you can turn up on any bicycle you like, whether it's a true classic to some modern contraption with reliable gears and brakes. Look out for news on a location from where you may be able to hire a suitably vintage velo too.

By heck, lets try and avoid any of these shenannigans though, what what!

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  1. Heloo! We've signed up for the ride but would really appreciate a rundown of start and end times. I know you're meeting at 11, but what time were you actually heading off? And what time were you getting back? We have childcare issues so need to do this with military precision!