Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ring a Bling!

The VV Prize Bike: Parts Donated from Bristol Bike Project, Frame and Fenders Powder Coated by Griffs Reality Motorworks and 27 1/4" Tyres provided by Jakes Biked.
Renovated and Restored by our pal Ryan.

    "This must be the place..." a fairly bemused pair of cyclists stood outside of a St Werburghs based residence, trying to make head or tail of the large stainless steel vintage bicycle bell mounted in place of a door knocker: being the thorough sort it's owner already had a pot of tea on the brew and knew that, from within the comfort of the kitchen, the distinctivly loud two toned ding dong would travel sufficientely to alert the occupants of a guests arrival.

   THE Bike is a fairly strange mix of parts: built around an early '90's Reynolds 501 Steel framed Raleigh roadster and equipped with Wiemann Dual Pull Caliper Brakes, a completely refurbished inside and out 1986 Sturmey Archer AW, one of the first ever QR Skewer systems ever released, 'cockpit' controls (brake levers!) pilfered from a now defunct Dawes Kingpin, top notch Alloy Raleigh cranks, an especially large bell and a GB Quill stem that we've seen go for over 90 Quid on fleaBay it really is a thing of beauty.  Professionally Handbuilt wheels too!  Perfect for the dapper chap or chappess for bombing around Bristol's flat areas of (with a smaller chainring) pootling around the hilly heights of Clifton.

    And here's it's new owner:
Olly was the lucky winner of the bike in our fundraising raffle: for a mere £2 of tickets this fella bagged himself well over a couple of Big One's of Bike! Well done Olly!  Just so well for him that a fair few didn't dare brave the rain that day or we're sure that the competition would have been a hell of a lot stiffer!

    So, if you see a large man on a bright candy red 3 speed town bike (which has now been dubbed 'Ruby'), give him a wave, tilt your flat cap and congatulate him on his new found friend :-).

        THE VV TEAM

Ryan is our resident mechanical bike man: he lives, works and plays, building, fixing, creating and caressing bikes at Bristol Bike Workshop, 88 Colston Street, BS1.

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