Saturday, 28 April 2012

Stormy Weather

You've probably noticed that there is a spot of metereological bother forecast for tomorrow. With this in mind, we've decided to give people the option of skipping the outdoor part of the ride and proceeding to the scoffing of cakes, raffling of prizes, drinking and dancing.

Entrants should have received an email giving full details but if not, send us an indignant missive at

For the brave or foolhardy, we'll be running the ride tomorrow as planned, with a few tweaks (e.g. the ginger beer stop has now been replaced by tea).


  1. Such a shame, I'm up for riding but how about organising an informal ride soon?

  2. I was gonna come but just got over a bug so dont wanna get ill vintage gear is waiting for dryer weather.....rearrange the date? however it is so typically english to cycle in the pissing downpour!commendable even!!!so how will people get to these cakes?.....CAR??

    Big Ursula X

  3. Riding quickly straight to the hall is guaranteed to sort out a cold :)
    I for one will still be riding merely to spite the rain
    "There's no such thing a bad weather, only inappropriate clothing."
    Captain R F Scott

  4. Just to be clear: the hall won;t be ready until about 1pm. If you don't fancy riding in the rain you're better off holding out until then. Jump on the train if you don't fancy riding there.