Sunday, 22 April 2012

In the bowels of the Vintage Velo Kitchen things are afoot...

Polishing and painting has been taking place at furious pace and we hereby announce to you - our two wheeled public - a secret kept for many a month: THE bike is coming...

Being created by hand, right now, by our own resident Bike Geek (we call him Ryan, and keep him in a small cage...) is the Vintage Velo Prize Bike! Along with a many other a prize from our Kind Sponsors the people and places of Bristol have come together to provide the parts and know how to create a 3 Speed Beauty that could well be yours!  Yes! That's right folks: along with the help of Bristol Bike Project, Griff''s Reality Motorworks and Jake's Bikes this is the top notch raffle prize that will be up for grabs next Sunday!  Only available to be won at Bristol Vintage Velo 2012 this is your chance to own a piece of Bristol Biking History!  AND ticket's are fast selling out so grab yours now: TORA TORA TORA!!!

Want to know all the geeky tech specs about this machine?! Tune in on Wednesday!

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