Sunday, 10 April 2011

Gentlemens guide to looking dapper

Gentlemen! Read on to create your vintage look...

The lovely chaps from Ape to Gentleman provided this handy guide to all the styles available when supporting the noble cause that is Movember:

If you want to grow even more hair on your face, check out this beard maintenance guide


Don't let the ladies steal all the limelight, there are a few vintage styles guaranteed to turn heads - here are some from Beauty and the Bath:

The Ramon Navarro
- The suave centre-parter

The John Barrymore - the slick back master

Wallace Reid - side parting impressario

If you don't wish all that bother styling hair, there are an array of hats you can use:

The Victorian crime fighter

Country weekender

Master Punter

Victorian Commuter

Cautious Mariner

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  1. Where can I obtain good quality stiff moustache wax in Bristol? Even 'firm hold' hair shaping wax doesn't quite cut the mustard when one's bowling along on one's velocipede.