Thursday, 31 March 2011

Ladies - mind your heads!

Vintage styled hair - so many options - but what style to wear on your bike?

We have found a few vintage styling tips to get you going tips so your hair can look like Fleur De Guerre (above, left) at diary of a vintage girl who has also written a how-to on her 1940's hairdo

Fancy a different 'do? Here's a beehive guide

How about a simple vintage updo? there's loads more vintage how-to's on youtube

Keeping it a hair do and not a hair don't!

Everyone wants to make sure their perfectly coiffed hair looks look 'tip top' whilst cycling, so these tips may help keep your hairdo in place and not looking like the unfortunate Miss Jones;

Headscarves -
These can be a girls best friend - keep your hairdo in place, dry and static free. Be careful how you choose them, you want to look more like the lovely Grace Kelly, and a little less like our dear monarch:

Equally the scarf will protect your hair if you wear it under a helmet, or for those who want a little more protection and style on top, there are this lovely number from Cycle Chic:

The Yakkay helmet cover

Failing that, plenty of hairspray should do the trick, or one of these:

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